Exclusive! Avengers 2 Storyboards Leaked! SPOILERS!!

It's a thrill to be able to bring to the Voidears an unheard-of exclusive leak of the Avengers 2 storyboards. We hope to avoid any legal issues, but I can't imagine how we could be heavily prossicuted by a company what would leave their documents lying around a playground in the Inner Richmond. 


Here's the cover. As we can see, the art is by Jion, and the script is by both Jion and Elliott. A quick search did not produce evidence to anyone of either name working on the future project in those capacities. It looks like we'll be looking at some fresh blood on the project, which I always view as a good thing.


Here We see a first look at the new Hulk. Pictured on the left is an unaffected Bruce Banner, just relaxing in a chair. Next we know, he has turned into The Hulk, and large flower like objects are falling onto him. I can't wait to see this in context.


Next, we see Iron man. Robert Downey Jr. might have a tough time getting into this scene, but he may be looking at an Oscar nomination.


The depiction of seems to be a touch more introspective then the character has been, up to date. It goes to wonder what darkness will consume him in this next installment.


Here's a true VOID exclusive. The next Avengers is going to add the Marvel character Spiderman into the mix. I bet him and Captain America will have some great banter!


Speaking of the American devil, here he is! Note that the characters name has been shortened to "Captn (picture of the American flag)." While this takes far longer to type, I get it. We're busy, in this great country. Who has time to read a super hero's full name? Not I.


What's this? An Avengers/X-men Crossover? You heard it here, folks! Looks like, at very least, the fan favorite Wolverine is going to be making an appearance in what looks like to be the next big blockbuster hit.


Looks like we have some story spoilers here. A ship travels to Earth. But who OR WHAT is on it?


Loki. Alright, maybe that's not a huge left turn. Nevertheless, I'm sure there will be even more villains in this epic of a movie. Also, the ladies love his angular face and raven black hair.


And here we have the last page of the document. It goes without saying that the battle depicted here will be massive, both in scope and design. I for one cannot, and will not wait. As always, we'll be sure to keep you updated with all of the earliest releases and rumors of the entertainment world. 

Caleb Finch

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