TBS 11 - Frumpy And Bad Tattoo In The Morning

We find ourselves here once again, Balonely Ones. This week we discuss an episode of a different podcast which decided to take up drunken, limp arms against us. Unfortunately, their full episode was no longer available for sampling (hosting issues on their end), but we play what we can, and go over our notes from the rest of the slurring, horrible mess. Fun times! Get in the sandwich!

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Caleb Finch

Caleb Nathan Friedrich was born in a small coal mining town in northern Pennsylvania to his biological parents Gretchen and Ivan Friedrich. Being the Friedrich’s eleventh child, and seeing the steady decline of Ivan’s health, Caleb was dropped into the, then tumultuous, foster care system. When he turned sixteen he gathered what few items he had and set out to make his mark on the world. Forging false identification and assuming the surname Finch, he was able to talk his way into position for the world renowned San Francisco Inquisitor. He went on to become the newspaper’s longest running editor and chief, and has had many printed collections, including The Time I Spent and The View From the Engine Room. In 1943, Caleb passed away by succoming to his long and painful fight against Butt Aids. It is belived by some that his ghost still haunts different locations in San Francisco, and that it's sort of a dick.